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   "YXC filmed my wedding on June 2nd 2019 and they did an amazing job. The film was very professional and Austin Shook was a great communicator through the whole experience, he asked me what I wanted in my video and if there was any specific songs added. He was able to customize the video to how I wanted and he added his own creativity that made the whole experience even more magical. 
   I have been telling all my friends about YXC Studios and will continue to do so!! THANK YOU!!" - Elise and Chris



   "YXC filmed my freshmen year recruitment and my sophomore year recruitment video and not to mention my club season as well. I couldn't be more happy with the finished product of my videos! The videos have helped me stand out to many colleges all thanks to the amazing clips Austin took!

   I can't wait to continue working with YXC for my last two years of high school! Thank you so much!! -Billie Miller 


YXC Studio filmed the Yucaipa Rodeo in 2018 for the City of Yucaipa and when I first saw it, I was very impressed!  It was perfect!  I kept watching it over and over!  For the 2019 Yucaipa Rodeo, we (the Yucaipa Rodeo Committee) decided to hire him to do a video again and he definitely did not disappoint!  I found myself watching that one over and over also! The way that he captures the event from beginning to end and the music he uses is perfect and very entertaining.  Probably needless to say we hired him again for the 2020 Rodeo.  He offered to make a promo video for us this year using the footage from the last two years and when I was having trouble figuring out how to post it on our social media, he helped me, which I really appreciated.  I'm looking forward this years video too and I know it will be awesome!  Austin is pleasant, helpful, easy to contact, and very talented and I highly recommend him for anyone looking for a video that will capture the event in an entertaining way that you can watch over and over!  Thank you Austin! -Yucaipa Equestrian Arena Committee


   "Sharp Design Custom Embroidery has been partnering with Austin Shook for several years on a variety of projects. Austin is professional, gives wonderful suggestions and turns out projects that exceed our expectations. We look forward to partnering with him on future endeavors." - Sharp Design, Calimesa CA

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